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Style, Substance and Stuff
One day I found myself browsing through the new releases from artists I'm not familliar with (I admit I don't do this as often as I'd like to). I looked at the new CDs, watched some PV samples and found that two stood out in my mind. They were both similar in certain ways, but fundamentally they were different. The artists behind them were DAIGO (member of rock band BREAKERZ, Formerly DAIGO☆STARDUST and sometimes DAIGO☆PUNK) and 3Peace☆Lovers.

3Peace☆Lovers - 3Peace☆Lovers

I'd never heard of 3Peace☆Lovers before this point, but the first PV I watched (Can't remember exactly which one for good reason, was probably Virtual Love) presented so much visual assault and androgny that I had to make sure I was looking at the right CD cover. They looked so... boyish on their CD covers, yet their PVs revealed a strange sense of avant garde (and the aforementioned extreme androgyny) characteristic of a Visual Kei band. In fact, I was quite put off of them because their music was equally attention demanding at first. A few moments in I realized I didn't actually hate their sound, in fact I quite liked it (and now possibly love it). I still wondered about their visual style, but I was tempted to look for more of their music. Right now I'm betting they might become my new favoraite boy band (I'm also starting to see a trend after Sata Andagi and M.E.N, it seems it's a rule with me to go after the most obscure boyband I can find.)

DAIGO - BUTTERFLY+Ima Aitakutte...

DAIGO on the other hand I expected to have a lot of musical talent, after all he's in BREAKERZ right? (To be completely honest, I'd completely forgotten what they sounded like despite loving Miss Mystery) He clearly had a great voice and a nice aesthetic. I clicked on the link for the commercial for his new double A-side single BUTTERFLY/Ima Aitakute (For which all three covers are quite appealing) and waited. Really, what could go wrong?


The answer was a lot, actually. His music video was as visually assaulting, but I expected that, I didn't expect the music to be weird and his voice to be a complete mess of autotune. I just... didn't think it was even the same artist. There was no appeal, and any sense of vocal ability and what that could portray was gone.

My whole point is, 3Peace☆Lovers have a very eclectic (to put it nicely) sense of style. It might be because of their roots (One is a VisKei guy, second guy is an actor and the third is from K-pop boyband ZE:A) or because they haven't really decided on a direction for their style yet, but their music is solid, it's fun and it's inventive. There's a lot of energy you can feel from their singing and you can almost hear their determination to provide you with a great song. That really carries a lot of weight with me. Their composers and producers clearly know their sound, which means on that front they as a group must have a solid concept. No matter what else, that's the most important part of music. DAIGO on the other hand obviously has his BREAKERZ aesthetic handy, which is why his CD covers look amazing and he can make even weird synchronized dancing work, but his solo sound actually kind of physically hurts. And that's where substance is in music. 3Peace☆Lovers have bad style but lots of substance and direction, while DAIGO has lots of style but no real substance or direction.

This is basically one of those "Don't judge a book by it's cover" situations. I know it was completely possible for me to just shut 3Peace☆Lovers out because of their style and never listen to their music, I'd've really lost out then. On the other hand I was going to watch all of DAIGO's PV because I expected greatness. I think I learned a bit that day, and now I'm always more likely to sit through an entire thing and then give it a hard thought afterwards. In our modern world where Lantis, avex and everybody else has channels that you can just scroll through without giving a single item a second thought, there's a lot to miss.


3Peace☆Lovers - Virtual Love


Also buy 3Peace☆Lovers music, it's really great.


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